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Procurement support document


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whatwhat is thedocument support?

It is the document that supports the purchaseof a good or the provision of a service when the supplier is aSubject not obliged to issue electronic invoice.

The buyer must carry out this documentto support the transaction that gives rise to deductible costs, deductions or taxes, by means of a documentwith numbering authorized by the DIAN.

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1.Use the cost or deduction in the income statement.

2.Dematerialization of tax receipts.

3.Keep updated the information of your costs, deductions and deductible taxes reported to the DIAN.

4.Access new electronic services: automatic returns and suggested returns.

Requirements to generate the Support Document

  1. Be expressly named as "Support Document in Acquisitions made to those not obliged to invoice"

  2. Have the date of the operation that must correspond to the date of generation of the document.

  3. Contain the surnames and name or company name and Tax Identification Number (NIT) of the seller or of the person who provides the service. In the case of contracts signed with non-tax residents in Colombia not registered in the Single Tax Registry -RUT, the NIT Tax Identification Number requirement will be understood to be fulfilled with the identification granted in the non-resident's country of origin.

  4. Contain the surnames and name or business name and Tax Identification Number -NIT of the purchaser of the goods and/or services.

  5. Carry the number that corresponds to a system of consecutive numbering of supporting documents including the number, rank and validity authorized by the DIAN.

  6. Have the specific description of the good or service provided.

  7. Detail the total value of the operation.

  8. Include the signature of the issuer of the support document at the time of generation, in accordance with current regulations and with the signature policy established by the DIAN

  9. Use the electronic generation format established by the DIAN.

  10. The unique Code of support document in acquisitions made to subjects not obliged to issue sales invoice or equivalent document- CUDS


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