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What is THE P?

Payment gateway

Online Payments by BPM Consulting digital platform in the cloud that will allow you to process virtual payments from your clients with the highest security standards.

plataforma con certificado PCI

Why THE P?

Discover the advantages that the payment gateway brings to your business
Recibir pagos virtuales

Improvement of payment methods

billetera movil

Mobile pay APP - mobile wallet

integra una tienda en linea a tu negocio

Quick integration with your business

como incrementar ventas

Increase sales coverage

compra segura por internet

Protect your business from fraud

recibir pagos virtuales

Facilita the purchase to your customers

Certificado PCI

PCI certification

Our Applications

We are not only an electronic payment management platform, we have the best applications to grow your business.
Paga movil app billetera movil
portal de pagos
tener una tienda virtual en linea

Media paid THE P


Collection tools THE P

cobrar con codigo QR

​Qr Code

An easy and massive method, which you can use digitally or physically in all your points of sale.

Metodos de cobro

IVR call

Generate a collection call from your panel, the client will carry out the process with the help of a safe robot ideal for collections when the client does not have internet access.

enviar un link de cobro a clientes

Payment link

Issue a personalized link for each client and send it through all your digital channels.

cobrar a traves de whatsapp

WhatsApp Collection

Send quick and secure payment links through WhatsApp.

enviar SMS de cobro

Collection SMS

Automatically send a text message to your customer with the payment link.

enviar correo de cobro

Collection Email

Issue personalized collection emails per client.

payment button

integrar PSE a mi pagina web

Integrate our gateway to your web page in the web checkout mode or generate a personalized payment button for your customers to pay on your online site.

almacenar las tarjetas de mis clientes


Store the main data of your client and their payment card to expedite payments in their recurring clients.

cobros automaticos en mi pagina web

Debit Automatic

Allow your client to register their credit card so that the system automatically discounts their obligation on the day established during the month

generar un pin de efecty o dimonex

Pin on Effecty 

Generate a pin for your client to come with this code to pay or withdraw money at Effecty or Dimonex points throughout the country.


We support different plugins for easy integration with ELP


Forsmall and mediumshops

Start receiving virtual payments quickly and safely, by creating your own online account. You do not require a unique sales code not present to start charging with all our tools.

This plan is ideal for:
• Entrepreneurs
• Small and medium merchants

Model Plan Aggregator

  • FREE SUBSCRIPTION: Access our payment gateway and all its features with no activation cost.


  • SERVICE FEE: 2.99% + $750 for each successful transaction. (See example of a transaction)



  • PAYMENT FOR SALES: We transfer your sales weekly
    every Thursday, each transfer to your bank will have a discount of 4 X1000 and cost per bank transfer of $5,400. 

  • APPLICATIONS: From your own account of our payment gateway, you can access the application store and self-install DELIVERY APP (Your own virtual store), PAYMENT PORTAL (Web portal for the collection of obligations), PAGA MOBIL APP (Virtual dataphone on your mobile device).

*Note: Only payments with national cards are processed in this model.


Our plans


Enhance the collection methods for your company and receive payments online from anywhere in the world de quickly and safely.

Model PlanGateway

  • SUBSCRIPTION: Activation cost with a single payment of $730,000 COP. 

  • SERVICE FEE: Rate to be defined according to sales volume and business model.

  • COLLECTION: We do not collect on our accounts. El Money for payments from your customers goes directly to the customer's registered bank account.

  • REQUIREMENTS: Have a unique sales code not present or request it at your bank through a financial agreement.

  • APPLICATIONS: From your own account of our payment gateway, you can access the application store and auto-install DELIVERY APP (Your own
    virtual store), PAYMENT PORTAL (web portal for collection of obligations), PAY MOBILE APP (virtual dataphone on your mobile device)

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