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What is Outsourcing

outsourcingconsists of delegating some functions to a company or team specialized in them toincrease production, access better technologies or reduce costs within the organization.

This activity gained popularity because it allows to obtainbetter performance indicators in both competitiveness and productivity,offering the possibility of contracting a specialized and efficient service provider that, in the long run, becomes avalued business partner.

We are committed to offering a high quality service with the most advanced technology in the market.

We provide flexible support services for our clients, complete solutions tailored to their requirements.

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What kind of companies can use IT outsourcing?

Computer service companies

Companies that are in charge of installing computer networks, designing and implementing computer equipment systems, and creating security solutions such as Firewalls, VPNs, and other cybersecurity tools. Support tasks, software installation and program management.

outsourcing-para-sociedades y empresas de tecnologia

Information systems development companies.

Companies that manage a high amount of data related to various elements such as information, document management, personnel and stock. And that you need to manage them through powerful software solutions, focusing on the management, processing, storage and distribution of information, enabling the organization of the company.


software development companies

They are companies that offer development services with the aim of generating technological products at the request of their clients. Companies program the digital product that their clients request, both development of web pages or mobile applications, as well as tools and software implementations, updates or improvements.


Comprehensive IT service companies

In the same way that there are companies that hire IT profiles for specific types of services, there are companies that are capable of assuming and solving all technological needs.


Reduce and control operating costs


speed up processes


Improve company focus


risk reduction


Greater flexibility to adapt to the market.


Access to highly skilled labor.

At BPM Consulting you find the following services

In-House Service Desk

It is only in the cases in which the Outsourcing service is carried out within the facilities of the company that requests it.


Off-Site Service Desk

They are called the services that are executed within the facilities of the companies that provide the service and are then distributed directly to the consumer from that place.

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