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Pay, Recharge, Buy and Collect

download it Free

descargar billetera movil gratis

That is?

Mobile Wallet

Pay Mobile App, an application for people and businesses.

Download it on your mobile device and access all our features.

billetera movil

Cobra wearing

escaneo de tarjetas con celular

card scanning

enviar mensajes de cobro

charge SMS

billing email

enviar email de cobro

whatsapp charge

cobrar por whatsapp

collection call

llamadas de cobro automaticas

How can you  pay customers?

collection QR

codigo QR a mis productos
lectura de codigo de barras


escanear tarjeta con NFC

Scan an NFC card

Virtual Wallet

billetera virtual


tienda en linea

Your business visible to people who are close to you, allowing them to see your catalog of your products and pay you using the Paga Movil App.

recharges and payments

pagar soat

Recharge services, telephony, television, buy your SOAT and many more services.

card scanning

Turn your cell phone into a dataphone and process face-to-face payments from your customers by scanning their card

datafono en tu celular


Commissions that are easy to understand, fast money in your account.

vender en linea facil


billetera virtual

Mobile Wallet

Register all your cards and use them to pay easily.

administrar cuentas bancarias desde el celular

Bank Accounts

Register your bank accounts easily and withdraw your funds to these accounts at the time you want to do so.

proteger mis tarjetas de credito


Protect your account with Single Use Tokens.

Device Security

aplicaciones seguras para vender en linea

If you sign in on a device you don't use regularly, we'll perform additional validation to protect your account.

download itfree of charge

  • App Collections made from Paga Mobile

  • 2.99% + $750 effective transaction.

  • Or current rate for corporate business

descargar gratis billetera virtual
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