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Multichannel Contact Center

Discover how to optimize your communication channels withtechnological tools and artificial intelligence

Serve your customer through all the channels they use, in an integrated and unified way.

All channels managed from the same platform

  • Attention to WhatsApp messages from the OCC unified interface

  • Possibility of sending and receiving links, photos, videos and .pdf files

  • audio message player

  • Customization of number of concurrent messages by agents

  • Sending outgoing messages to contact lists with variable and personalized texts

  • Official integration with WhatsApp Business API

  • configurable automatic messages

  • Canned Messages

  • Spell check and typing indicator by language

  • Configuration of self-service applications (ITR) with the ability to send photos, videos and files

  • Configuration of bots with artificial intelligence for response automation

  • Recording of audio messages online

  • QnA Maker Knowledge Bases

Our years of experience in the public and private sector confirm us as specialists, andmore than 32 state entities trust us.

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